Turn your Thoughts into Artworks with High Resale Potential through the Power of AI

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How does it work?

Select the prompt and type in whatever you have in mind

“Dream women” , “Tropical paradise” , or anything else… Simply describe what you want Rainbow to paint

Then pick an art style or chose an input image

Chose between over +50 AI Amazing Styles and get Inspired

Now take a back seat and let RAINBOW be the paintbrush to your artworks.

You don’t need a paint brush, pencil, or any art supplies to make beautiful artworks...

All you need is an idea.

Are you ready to turn your thoughts into fantastic creative artworks?

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Why Rainbow?

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I'm creating a real community thanks to this app that allows me to share fascinating artworks on my social channels ... It makes me feel like a real artist even if I don't know how to draw!
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For me, it’s an outlet for my emotions. Understanding what your thoughts are like is amazing.
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It’s like a trip to my subconscious. This is the coolest app I have on my phone, I love it.
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Rainbow is great because I can create and share my artworks on social media and also sell them as NFTs!!

Let your creativity take over!

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Join the most promising Art Community who are actively using Rainbow to easily create their AI Artworks and spread their message out to the world!